Course curriculum

    1. The Wild History Of Money

    2. Traits To Define Money

    3. What Is Crypto?

    4. History Of Crypto

    5. What Is A Blockchain?

    6. What Is Mining?

    1. What Is Wrong with Money Today And Why?

    2. Issue With Governments

    3. Issues With Banks

    4. Why Crypto Is A Better Option?

    1. Crypto Scams

    2. Illicit Activity - Bad Actors In Crypto

    3. Stats On Crypto

    4. Functional Crypto - Where Do I Start?

    1. Wrap it up With Brian & Steve

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  • 1.5 hours of video content

Ready To Give Crypto Its Due?


Steve Svetlick


Steve Svetlick is a partner and owner at Cryptical Thinking, LLC. After spending more than 25 years in the financial services industry, his working efforts now focus on spending time with current clients and educating others about crypto. Steve lives in Grove City, Ohio with his wife Traci, and their two daughters, Ashley and Addie. When time allows, Steve enjoys spending time with his family, his friends and spending time outdoors, preferably on a boat.

Brian McCann


Brian McCann is a partner and owner at Cryptical Thinking, LLC. Serving as a director of sales support and development over the last 8 years has led Brian down a road that ultimately refined his ability to coach, teach and mentor others. Brian lives in Galloway, Ohio with his wife Tricia and their son Brooks.